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The volunteers had been asked to rank themselves on a five-point level according to a 12-item inventory, which offered questions such as Am I a productive one who always gets the job done. From this inventory they derived a conscientiousness rating, predicated on a scale of 0 to 48. The common score between the volunteers was 34. The participants received various medical and neurological examinations, including cognitive testing, and follow-up assessments were done each full season through to 2006. During the research 176 people developed Alzheimer’s disease and 383 died. It was found that those people who were conscientious with ratings of 40 or more extremely, got an 89 % lower risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease than those that ranked in the 10th %ile, with a rating of 28 or lower... Carbon monoxide leak in Atlanta school sickens 31 ATLANTA A carbon monoxide leak in an Atlanta elementary school has led to the evacuation of 500 students and the hospitalization of 31 others. Atlanta fire Capt. Marian McDaniel told The Associated Press that firefighters responded to Finch Elementary College, on the city’s southwest aspect, after 8 a shortly.m. After reviews came in that individuals were unconscious at the institution.