Antares Pharma.

Based on this successful data, the two parties continue to expect to partner with an internationally or regional pharmaceutical organization in purchase to commercialize this novel contraceptive gel. This first of its kind contraceptive gel may offer an appealing option for women. The mix of Nestorone, a powerful and versatile… Read more

Please discover the interim record and presentation attached.

Panel of Directors approve interim statement for second quarter 2013 DiaGenic : The interim record for the next quarter 2013 was accepted by the Table of Directors on 22 August 2013. Please discover the interim record and presentation attached pas streptocoque travail more info . Highlights from the record: On… Read more

Are creaking celebrities changing how women speak?

It’s an inefficient and ‘inherently traumatic’ method to speak because you’re using muscles in the throat and neck that aren’t supposed to be used for speech, which in turn causes strain, he said. That creaking, clicking sound? It’s the audio of vocal cords banging against each other. ‘Making voices is… Read more

The extensive study is targeted at curbing overtreatment.

The extensive study is targeted at curbing overtreatment, a big issue in cancer care. Remedies help a lot of women beat the condition, but giving way too many or types that are not really needed causes unneeded expenditure, trauma and lifelong unwanted effects, such as for example arm swelling and… Read more

As the 2004 Presidential election nears.

THE BUSINESS’S full consolidated monetary statements and accompanying management’s discussion and evaluation for the three-month period finished June 30, 2011, will be accessible about SEDAR at www and on the business’s internet site at June 30 For the three-month period finished, 2011, revenues amounted to $719,000, in comparison to… Read more

Just like the Republican blueprint.

Paul Ryan's Republican proposal did. Despite the House Budget chairman's frequent critique of Medicare sustainability, he would trim just $129 billion over a decade, mainly by capping malpractice awards and by asking seniors to spend higher premiums and higher prices for prescription drugs . Medscape: Senate Democrats' Yesterday that Budget… Read more

Factors behind heart failure Generally.

Factors behind heart failure Generally, heart failure is because of the impaired ability of the heart muscle to pump blood through your body. However, in some full cases, the heart no functions normally since it isn’t filled properly longer. This process depends upon the elastic scaffold protein titin largely. Dr…. Read more

But it is prematurily.

Birth of conjoined twins a medical and practical problem Another group of conjoined twins are anticipated to be born this complete week in Canada. The twin ladies are became a member of at the top and doctors at the Vancouver medical center state the birth will generate special difficulties for… Read more

CARNA releases health discussion report Mary-Anne Robinson.

.. CARNA releases health discussion report Mary-Anne Robinson, chief executive officer of the College and Association of Registered Nurses of Alberta , was a member of the advisory committee which prepared medical consultation report released today. The recommendations concentrate on a holistic approach to health that suits with the concepts… Read more

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