5 million Medicare beneficiaries.

The agreement, consisting of a twelve months bottom period with four one-year optional periods, required influence on July 8, 2010. In making the announcement, Jean Rush, president of CGS stated, CGS is committed to providing consistent and effective Medicare claims administration solutions through our valued partnership with CMS. CGS has been known for quality and assistance by several international, regional and national programs, including: Certification for quality management Performance Excellence Call center excellence CGS has offered solutions to Medicare since 1966.Well, it’s pencil safety, so it’s protecting the pencil, right? So, I appearance on the back of this package, and I read the fine printing, and some tips about what it says: The antibacterial additive is EPA registered. Oh, that makes me feel secure – – EPA-registered technology really. The EPA may be the same section that was recently involved with pesticide experiments on kids. It’s an EPA-authorized antibacterial technology, designed to protect the pencil’s surface but not the skin. I am being told by The bundle this antibacterial product was created to protect the pencil. Is the pencil at risk of contagious disease? I’m really worried about all the pencils I have in my drawer in the home.