A Journal of the American Medical Association.

Also, the Big Pharma advertising heads viewed the trial in an effort to push product sales of gabapentin. This involvement of the marketing team and the failure to reveal the study’s real purpose from both study subjects and collaborators will be the smoking guns that tag the STEPS study as a seeding trial, based on the authors. They are calling for institutional review boards to finally have a solid stance in discouraging these kinds of marketing-over-research trials. Reform of the existing IRB program, they wrote, along with promoting better scientific trial practice in the individual subjects study community, are necessary to prevent continued conduct of seeding trials by the pharmaceutical market.The program will focus in the beginning on patients with mind and neck cancers, although the business said it may eventually expand the pilot test to add other cancers also to start pilots with various other large cancers centers in the U.S. So, what goes on if the price of treatment exceeds the bundled payment? The annual payment won’t increase if problems increase treatment costs. Eight bundles are available for patients, depending on what services they want, the insurer said. The bundled payments cover all services and treatment supplied by MD Anderson for treatment, including problems, UnitedHealthcare stated.