Are CT Scans Value The Cancer Risk

Are CT Scans Value The Cancer Risk? Millions of Americans, children especially, are needlessly getting dangerous radiation from super X-rays that raise the risk of tumor and are increasingly used to diagnose medical complications, a new report warns here . The statement estimates the %age of cancers caused by CT scans – – currently 0.4 % – – will increase up to 2 % in a few decades as the number of scans has increased so dramatically, reports CBS Information medical correspondent Dr. Jon LaPook. Our concern will there be are therefore many CT scans becoming done right now that we should really be starting to think: Do we need to all of these CT scans? says Dr.

Appropriate CT scans might save and extend lives of children The American College of Radiology urges that results of a study to be published in the Lancet regarding radiation risk from pediatric computed tomography scans shouldn’t keep parents from getting needed medical imaging look after their children, but ought to be discussed with their physician and factored to their shared decision producing before an imaging scan is performed. Medical imaging examinations are directly associated with greater life expectancy, declines in tumor mortality rates, and tend to be safer and less costly than the invasive techniques that they replace.