Arrogant scientists say NY college students neurological symptoms due to mass hysteria.

In this full case, medical overlords are denying that girls who have developed mystical tics and verbal outbursts are actually legitimately sick, but rather that they are just spreading collective obsessional behavior to one another – – the victims are making up their symptoms, basically. A lot more absurd than that is allegations by a so-called professional from the University of Buffalo that the illness symptoms are a consequence of social media sites like Facebook. WKBW Information 7 in Buffalo, N.Y., reports that Dr. David Lichter, a professor of Neurology at UB provides come out saying that the affected learners are simply just mimicking one another’s symptoms because they observe them on YouTube videos, for example seeking an investigation into the ‘Superfund’ site where in fact the wells exist.Many home water filter systems are also duly equipped to remove chlorine from normal water, so make sure to use them in the event that you as well as your family drink water from the tap.. Chickens might be silent carriers of bird flu Health officials are on alert again in Hong Kong following reports of a suspected case of bird flu just over the border with China in Shenzhen. A truck driver is usually suspected of having contracted the deadly H5N1 virus in Shenzhen after creating a fever, on June 3 and was admitted to hospital Friday back again pains and a cough. He is said to be in a crucial condition. A six-member Hong Kong group comprising doctors, veterinarians and food-safety officials are now in Shenzhen to assemble more info on the suspected case and so are said to be extremely concerned.