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THE BUSINESS’S full consolidated monetary statements and accompanying management’s discussion and evaluation for the three-month period finished June 30, 2011, will be accessible about SEDAR at www and on the business’s internet site at June 30 For the three-month period finished, 2011, revenues amounted to $719,000, in comparison to $536,000 for the corresponding period the prior year. Revenues correspond generally to the amortized part of the US$10-million upfront obligations received from Celtic pursuant to the asset sale and permit contract entered into with the business in April of 2010, in addition to to revenues gained by the Company beneath the service contract entered between the celebrations at the same second.June 30 For the three-month period ended, 2011, financing income amounted to $4,310,000, in comparison to $2,041,000 for the corresponding period in the last year.First introduced as cure option for rest apnea in 1981, CPAP may be the most common and effective treatment for obstructive rest apnea . CPAP provides a steady blast of pressurized atmosphere to sufferers through a mask that they wear during sleep. The airway is kept by This airflow open, preventing the pauses in breathing that characterize rest apnea and restoring regular oxygen amounts. CPAP Central , provides the public with extensive, reliable and accurate information about CPAP. CPAP Central includes expanded information regarding CPAP and OSA, including how OSA is normally diagnosed, the function of CPAP, the benefits of CPAP and a synopsis of what things to expect when starting CPAP, the position of experts on CPAP, and equipment for achievement.