Assessing Global Health Initiatives progress and next phase Writing in GlobalPost&39.

Assessing Global Health Initiative’s progress and next phase Writing in GlobalPost's ‘Global Pulse’ blog, Nicola Pardy, an editorial intern at GlobalPost, reflects on the closure of the Global Health Initiative workplace announced in July, noting that the national government announced the establishment of a fresh Office of Global Health Diplomacy. She asks, ‘Therefore, what has transformed in this next phase of the initiative?’ Pardy quotes Foreign Policy's ‘The Wire’ and the Center for Global Development's ‘Global Health Policy’ websites, which commented on the announcement . She also cites a recently available statement by the Kaiser Family Foundation that examines how countries are responding to and implementing the women, young ladies, and gender equality basic principle of the GHI; highlights two case research on GHI reproductive health-related activities in Guatemala and Ethiopia released by the Change Middle for Health insurance and Gender Equity in June; and notes an analysis of the GHI published in the Lancet this full month.