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Such regular visits help the small children in order to avoid development of cavities among their teeth. Although, it’s important that you need to take your son or daughter to pediatric dentist the moment he/she gets twelve months old but remember to deal with his/her teeth’s health before he/she gets his/her first tooth. You should clean his/her gums daily or every second time with baby tooth brush or by using a soft cloth. Furthermore, do remember that you ought to not put your child rest with a bottle loaded with any juice or milk, of any thick liquid instead; the bottle ought to be loaded with water.Are docs too quick to order CT scans for children? When kids get conked on the noggin, many emergency doctors are quick to order a CT scan to eliminate traumatic brain injury – often at the urging of concerned parents. But a new study shows that approach might be bad medicine. Why is that? Because furthermore their high price, CT scans expose kids to ionizing radiation that may raise the risk of developing a cancer down the road.