Burger King stops advertising soda for kids.

The junk food giant provides declared that soda won’t be the primary beverage offered with their kid’s meals. Instead, healthier options shall be offered. Relating to a FastCompany.com article about them, ‘Now Burger King. Will recommend its franchises give fat-free milk, low-fat chocolate milk, and apple juice as the default beverage options about its children’s menu, instead of soda.’ Rethink the drink: Is replacing soda with juices or chocolate milk really healthy? Soda is definitely on the radar of health conscious individuals who advocate preventing the sugar-laden drink. For example, you may recall the controversy that created years ago when New York City mayor Bloomberg, in an effort to fight the weight problems epidemic, wanted to ban the sale of super-sized sodas in the populous city, something which was eventually rejected by the New York State Supreme Courtroom.CNN restores the next story with obvious purpose of getting rid of it againAfter a wave of public outrage at CNN’s apparent censorship of the historical story involving the medical misuse of black babies, CNN restored the second story reluctantly, which includes over 15 now,000 social media shares. But CNN added a note to the whole story, stating, CNN has reached out to the CDC for comment and is usually attempting to confirm the claims in this iReport. What this means is that CNN will simply wait for an answer from the CDC that may obviously say, These claims are false for the easy cause that the CDC is the group which dedicated the criminal fraud to begin with! For CNN to talk to the CDC whether it lied is like requesting 100 prison inmates whether some of them are guilty.