Businesses brace for health laws insurance requirements.

Companies hoping to avoid the taxes are beginning to scale back the even more generous health benefits they have traditionally offered and to look harder for methods to bring down the entire cost of treatment . The Wall Street Journal: Some Small Firms Try Early Insurance Renewal To Blunt Wellness Law Smaller businesses seeking to ward off key health-rules provisions-;at least for a while-;are weighing presents by some huge insurers going to the reset button on the yearlong health plan agreements in December. Many agreements normally restart at the start of January. But, pushing the date to December could allow small firms to delay the effect of key health-laws provisions that broadly activate once programs renew after Jan.Brainwave headset assists ALS patients While there is absolutely no remedy for ALS, also referred to as Lou Gehrig’s Disease, programmers are creating a fresh way to empower people suffering from the disease. A fresh high-tech headset and software program can read actually read minds. The headset, produced by neuroengineering business Emotiv, has multiple sensors that place brainwaves into action. Individuals who put on the headset can visualize activities, which correspond with particular commands such as for example triggering movements then,’s Kara Tsubio reviews.