Call for an unbiased inquiry into Queensland Wellness payroll debacle By Dr.

Call for an unbiased inquiry into Queensland Wellness payroll debacle By Dr . Ananya Mandal, MD There has been a major payroll error leaving tens of thousands of healthcare personnel short of cash or without pay during the past couple of weeks in Queensland following the introduction of a new computerized payroll system last month. Now the state opposition is challenging an unbiased judicial inquiry into the issue after personnel also missed their superannuation payments. Liberal National Party wellness spokesman Mark McArdle called for this independent inquiry presided by a retired judge and stated there was more needed than the the statement by KPMG commissioned by the government.

And news reports obviously crafted to create fear and press more people to obtain vaccinated are surfacing all over the internet in response, even though the existing infection rate represents only about one in a million people. The Los Angeles Times, for instance, recently ran a bit entitled ‘Measles cases continue to rise in California, officials warn,’ which promises that getting vaccinated may be the best way to avoid falling victim to the non-epidemic. Nowhere in this report could it be described what %age of the public people contracting measles experienced previously been vaccinated, a significant little factoid that’s frequently missing from mainstream media coverage because it makes vaccines look bad.