Cancer medication doxycycline-vs-stds-prostatitis-and-endometritis.html.

Cancer medication, antiviral agent may eradicate active virus an infection and tumor: UNC School of Medicine Important advances in the fight cancer have come as researchers proved that viruses and cancers interact with techniques that were previously unidentified to scientists. A new study led by UNC scientists demonstrates a common cancer medication can activate a viral an infection that, paradoxically, can help anti-viral medications eradicate virus-associated cancers. The cooperative study, executed by a team of UNC School of Medicine scientists and the UNC Task in Malawi, demonstrated for the very first time in humans that a common drug used to take care of Burkitt lymphoma can activate infection by the Epstein-Barr virus , a virus which lies latent inside the tumor cells of affected individuals typically doxycycline-vs-stds-prostatitis-and-endometritis.html .

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