Chemical attacks in Syria can pose threat to US.

Chemical attacks in Syria can pose threat to US, says Homeland Security medical officer The chemical attacks in Syria could reduced the bar for usage of chemical weapons by terrorist organizations or rogue nations that could eventually pose a threat to the United States, says Alexander Garza, M.D., former associate secretary of wellness affairs and chief medical officer at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. These types of weapons were universally repudiated by the international community for very reasons. They serve no purpose other than to destroy in horrific ways and sow terror among the population indiscriminately, stated Garza who joins Saint Louis University as the associate dean for general public health practice and associate professor of epidemiology.All the herbs included by Figura capsules have become helpful and effective for pounds loss, and there is absolutely no harmful side-effect from use of these herbs. As Figura capsules are purely herbal item so it might take some right time to provide desired results; So that it is suggested try Figura capsules frequently for 3 to 4 months to possess a better impact of each one of these natural herbs to appearance slim and weight reduction. Out all these natural herbs, some particular herbal remedies for weight loss might not be available for all people or may tough to get some good particular herbal remedies to look slender.