Damage the mind.

They say no patient should stop their treatment for this reason research. The research is released in the January 1, 2007 problem of CANCER, a peer-examined journal of the American Malignancy Society.. Chemo drugs damage healthy brain cells According to new research chemotherapy drugs which are used to treat cancer, damage the mind. But the very good news is that the damage is apparently temporary. In two different studies researchers have found that chemotherapy affected healthful cells in the brain and triggered short-term structural adjustments in the cognitive areas. A united group at the University of Rochester led by Dr. Mark Noble, discovered that various kinds key brain cells were sensitive to the three medications used for malignancy: carmustine, cisplatin and cytosine arabinoside.The glass pipe. Was used to smoke the drug generally. ( Note carefully, however, that did Reuters actually say Phelps was smoking marijuana nowhere. Of course, some observers will explain that Phelps by no means admitted to smoking cigarettes marijuana either actually, but c’mon people, come on here! Do you really think Phelps was burning a pack of Camels in that bong? Or maybe he was simply inhaling candlestick smoke, huh? This backing off of the Phelps tale demonstrates how the mainstream media has become a cabal of spineless apologists who allow technicalities to interfere with basic good sense. Of course Phelps was smoking marijuana! It would be weirder if he wasn’t! If Phelps was smoking marijuana, then he’s pretty much like a large amount of other twenty-year-olds partying aside their health in college.