Even though water utilities could be vulnerable to terrorist episodes or natural contaminants.

It’s testament to the interest and enthusiasm of everyone at Network Rail, who have truly embraced the work of Cancer Study UK and our eyesight to beat cancer. Our work on the complexities and prevention of tumor has saved an incredible number of lives across the world and, by assisting us to keep our study, Network Rail is assisting us to save many more later on.’ Victoria Pender, group director of authorities and corporate affairs at Network Rail, said: ‘Malignancy Research UK is definitely a well respected charity that does tremendous work and I am proud that Network Rail will be dealing with them once again.To test this prediction, Piantadosi, Tily and Gibson completed corpus studies of English, German and Dutch. By comparing specific properties of words with their amounts of meanings, the researchers confirmed their suspicion that shorter, more frequent phrases, and also those that conform to the language’s typical audio patterns, are most likely to end up being ambiguous – trends which were statistically significant in all three languages. To understand why ambiguity makes a language more efficient instead of less so, think about the competing wishes of the speaker and the listener.