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Omega-3 fatty acids were measured in fasting blood samples to measure blind with capillary gas chromatography, the fatty acid composition of red blood cell membranes. Red blood cells of EPA and DHA are presented as a %age composition of total fatty acid methyl ester. The investigators assessed current depression using the 9 – item Patient Health Questionnaire. They assessed the relationship between omega-3 fatty acid levels and depressive symptoms as continuous variables using linear regression.. Can Omega 3 fatty acids to prevent depression in coronary heart disease?Depression is an established risk factor for the development of coronary heart disease in healthy patients and for adverse cardiovascular events in patients with established CHD.Fonarow said notes that higher risk patients can be benefit from a closer monitoring during the hospital stay and frequent follow-ups by leaving the hospital. More information for patients and chronic disease management policies can help to patient an a diet and medication. – ‘In future studies, we are such how specific measures based on this trigger factors such as flu vaccination, they can schedule to assist high-risk failure populations,’added Fonarow said.

Between March 2003 and December 2004 have 48,612 qualifying patients with cardiac failure to university and community hospitals across Germany in registry eingeschrieben.791 patient subset was of 60-90 days after release from the hospital to see additional information on the results, dissolved in 10.7 and acid – admission rates followed by accumulate.