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To check these findings, the Johns Hopkins team selected MESA study participants who fulfilled the same criteria established for the JUPITER research. The MESA subgroup came from a pool of 7,000 ethnically diverse adults, including African Americans, Chinese Americans, Caucasians and Hispanics – all monitored at Johns Hopkins and five other medical centers in THE UNITED STATES. A statistical evaluation of results demonstrated that few if any center attacks or strokes would have been avoided within five years had anyone taken the medication, unless there is some calcium buildup within their blood vessels already.Reyes and others. These results build upon the in vivo study demonstrating that PHOENIX increased stem cell survival in targeted center muscle in comparison with direct injection alone. Our focus is definitely on proprietary delivery systems that will help realize the therapeutic guarantee of biologics and stem cells in the treating ischemic heart disease.0 handpieces. The handpiece has been modified to add three 26 gauge needles positioned around the fiberoptic fibers, which allow precise delivery of biologic/pharmacologic liquids into the tissue surrounding the channels made by the fiberoptic.