In acknowledgement of achieving excellence in customer service in 2012.

For 2012, customers rated their encounter and satisfaction of the company's sales managers, call center and tech support team, field service, in-house repair, product set up and clinical application teaching. Omega's proprietary NFSB award methodology measures consumer loyalty and satisfaction on a 5-stage scale four times during the year. To receive the NFSB Award businesses must achieve a score of 4.0 or in all groups above. ‘We are honored to get this award and thank our customers for the a decade of reputation. This award is all the more beneficial to us as our customers rate us on their own experiences.’ says Dr. Ludwin Monz, President and CEO of Carl Zeiss Meditec AG. ‘We strongly believe that it is not enough to provide our customers with excellent and innovative products, but to also deliver excellent service and support year after year.’ ‘While receipt of the 2012 Award can be a significant achievement on its own, it is especially notable that this is the tenth consecutive 12 months that Carl Zeiss provides been honored,’ said John Alexander Maraganis, president & CEO of Omega.But a lot of those who quit OxyContin just switched to heroin, as prices of heroin make use of around once doubled. We’re now viewing reports from in the united states of large levels of heroin showing up in rural and suburban areas, stated Theodore J. Cicero, Vice Chair of Study at Washington University’s Division of Psychiatry. Struggling to use OxyContin conveniently, which was an extremely popular medication in suburban and rural areas, medication abusers who choose snorting or IV medication administration will have shifted to stronger opioids if they will get them, or even to heroin.