Info on childhood caffeine consumption is limited.

Warzak, ‘Some kids as young as 5 years older were consuming the equivalent of a can of soda a time.’ The authors pointed out that the older children drank more caffeinated drinks also. ‘Children between the age range of 8 and 12 years consumed typically 109 mg a day,’ Dr. Warzak explains, ‘the equivalent of almost 3 12-ounce cans of soda.’ Experts found, however, that caffeine had not been linked to bedwetting in these young children. ‘Contrary to popular belief,’ Dr. Evans, coauthor and statistician, clarifies, ‘children were not much more likely to wet the bed if they consumed caffeine, despite the known fact that caffeine is a diuretic.’ The analysis authors stress the importance of parental awareness concerning their child’s caffeine usage.The $7.1 billion he is demanding in crisis spending will pay for the strategy, and contains $1.2 billion to buy enough vaccine against the current stress of bird flu to safeguard 20 million Us citizens, and $1 billion to stockpile more antiviral medicines, such as for example Tamiflu, that lessen the severity of flu symptoms. $2.8 billion would be spent developing cell-culture technology so that the U.S.. Cigarette taxes cause people to smoke less, study finds When cigarette taxes go up, heavy smokers scale back on their cigarette consumption a lot more than light smokers do, according to a report conducted by researchers from the Washington University School of Medicine and published the journal Tobacco Control. The findings were astonishing, as they defied the conventional wisdom. ‘Most clinicians and experts thought these very heavy smokers would be the most resistant to cost increases,’ lead writer Patricia A.