Only humans are supposed to act on behalf of others.

Furthermore, in two comparative experiments, they discovered that both chimpanzees and human infants helped irrespective of any expectation of reward altruistically, when some work was required even, and even when the recipient was an unfamiliar individual all features previously regarded as unique to humans. The evolutionary roots of individual altruism may go deeper than previously believed thus, reaching as far back as the last common ancestor of humans and chimpanzees.At the final end of 24 weeks, 70.5 % of patients on Chantix continued to avoid smoking compared to 50 % who switched to placebo. In trials, Chantix was generally well tolerated with overall discontinuation rates identical to placebo. The most frequent unwanted effects included nausea, headaches, sleep problems and adjustments in dreaming. In 2005 November, Pfizer submitted a European advertising authorization application for varenicline for smoking cessation.

Breakthrough in HIV research leads to raised treatment potential Researchers have got made a breakthrough in HIV analysis that had eluded researchers for over twenty years, leading to better remedies for HIV potentially, in a report published today in the journal Nature.