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Arthritis drug reduces dry eye disease Dry eyes disease is a common condition that triggers discomfort, visible disturbance and potentially damaging ocular surface area inflammation that greatly impacts a person's standard of living http://suhagra100mg.net/ suhagra100mg.net . Around nine million people in the United State alone have problems with significant DED; millions more may possess milder forms or encounter discomfort when exposed to low humidity or lens use. DED, the most common reason people go to ophthalmologists, is estimated to price $55 billion in annual direct and indirect costs to culture in the country alone. In a new study, experts from the Massachusetts Ear and Eye, Harvard Medical College, and Brigham and Women's hospital display that topical anakinra , a recombinant version of individual IL-1Ra authorized for treatment of arthritis rheumatoid, reduced dry eyes symptoms significantly.