Such as HIV/AIDS.

In an open letter to the WHO highlighting homeopathy projects in Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Botswana and Ghana offering treatments for HIV, malaria, diarrhea or the flu, the researchers wrote, ‘Those of us working with the most rural and impoverished folks of the world already battle to deliver the medical help that is required. When homeopathy stands instead of effective treatment, lives are dropped’ . This article can be republished with kind permission from our close friends at The Kaiser Family Foundation.Candice Mills, assistant professor in the institution of Behavioral and Mind Sciences and a researcher in the Center for Children and Households, is currently dealing with preschool and elementary-age group children in two split studies. The first study, sponsored by a grant from the National Institute of Child Human and Health Advancement, is examining ways to help preschool-age children determine which supply will be most useful in answering their questions for problem solving.