The cancer-focused development and commercialisation company.

Manchester and CRT University announce biomarker alliance with AstraZeneca Cancer Research Technology Limited , the cancer-focused development and commercialisation company, and The University of Manchester today announce the establishment of an alliance with AstraZeneca to develop serological pharmacodynamic biomarkers. The alliance aims to research biomarkers of tumour cell death using specialist PD assays and may lead to new serological PD biomarkers.Through February or March Boehner said the first step of a debt-ceiling boost would carry the government, while imposing spending cuts of $1.2 trillion through a number of budget caps. In addition, Congress would vote by year’s end on a balanced-budget amendment. A committee of 12 lawmakers would after that recommend ways to cut the deficit by at least $1.8 trillion more, probably via an overhaul of the tax program and changes to entitlement applications like Social Security and Medicare.